Rest - And a Change in Plans

Today we enjoyed a much-needed day of rest, and traveled to Copan to visit the Mayan ruins there – a culture that thrived 1300 years ago.  The drive was a long one, but it was well worth the time to see the stepped pyramids and intricate carvings of this part of the Mayan kingdom.  The ruins were amazing, and helped provide at least some context for us to better understand the country we’ve spent trying to help. 


The ride back to the hotel provided plenty of time to reflect on the week, and to think on the future.  It’s hard to think on Honduras and not worry about the current state of affairs: half the people of this land are below the age of 16, and from what we can see their prospects for the future do not look so good.  But seeing the gorgeous landscape, and working with the amazing people, we don’t find it impossible to have hope for the future of Honduras – and we pray our work has been a small part of building that hope. 


Upon arriving back to our hotel, we’ve discovered that our scheduled flight into Newark has been canceled because of the hurricane bearing down on the east coast of the States.  We are perfectly safe here – the storms in the mid-Atlantic region are the issue.  We are currently working on alternative travel plans, and will keep you posted.  

Posted on August 26, 2011 .