Adult Forum

On Sundays at 10 a.m., our parish gathers for discussion and teaching on topics that matter to us as Christians. Usually our talks are energetic and fulfilling, with lots of great ideas in the air. Come by for a good cup of coffee, stay for a great class and a rousing discussion!  All classes meet in the Parish Hall, ending in time for the 11 a.m. Mass. Contact Mother Nora Johnson if you have questions or would like to hear more.

December 30: George Herbert and Stained Glass
Join Mother Nora Johnson to read and discuss one of the great poets from our faith tradition on a topic we have been considering all during the Advent season. It’s an Advent bonus session!

January 6: George Herbert and Stained Glass, Part Two
The second half of our discussion of stained glass and other church furnishings in the poetry of George Herbert.  Join us even if you missed the first part!

January 13 through February 3: Prayer Book 101
A four-part series on the Book of Common Prayer.  If you have never had a good look at those red books in the pew, or if you are very familiar with some parts and not at all with others, this is your chance to learn more about the book (other than scripture) that most shapes our faith. 

January 13: Prayer Book 101, Part One
Where did the Book of Common Prayer come from? Come for a lively discussion about the foundations of Anglicanism and our life of prayer and worship today.

 January 20: Prayer Book 101, Part Two
What makes the American Prayer Book different?  How has it been revised since 1779?  How and why would it be revised in future years?

 January 27: Prayer Book 101, Part Three
What’s in the book?  We’ll talk about the major sections of the Book of Common Prayer, and how to use them.

 February 3: Prayer Book 101, Part Four
A guide to using the book at home.  How the Book of Common Prayer can shape your personal prayer and help you to learn about and grow in your faith.

February 10: Parish Meeting
We won’t hold our regular Sunday Forum today, but will instead join the annual parish meeting.  This is your opportunity to hear how the parish is run, ask questions, and learn what’s up and coming.  Don’t miss it!

February 17 through March 3: Great Anglican Sermons, Lancelot Andrews and John Donne 
Come explore some of the great preaching of the seventeenth century that has shaped our theology and our sacramental life ever since.  We’ll be looking at small portions of larger sermons that challenge our minds, hearts, and souls.  Continues February 24 and March 3.