Adult Forum

On Sundays at 10 a.m., our parish gathers for discussion and teaching on topics that matter to us as Christians. Usually our talks are energetic and fulfilling, with lots of great ideas in the air. Come by for a good cup of coffee, stay for a great class and a rousing discussion!  All classes meet in the Parish Hall, ending in time for the 11 a.m. Mass. Contact Mother Nora Johnson if you have questions or would like to hear more.

April 8, Poems for Eastertide: Join Mother Nora Johnson for a reading of poems that help us rejoice in and ponder the Resurrection. 

April 15,  The “Lavalette Affair” Jesuits, Money, and Slaves in the French Caribbean: Parishioner Andrew Dial is a fellow in Early American Religious Studies at Penn, whose research shows that Jesuit priests were deeply embedded in the merchant networks, investment portfolios, and plantation slavery that defined capitalism in the 1700s. Fr. Antione Lavalette, the head of the Jesuit mission on Martinique, created a currency exchange network which lead to the Jesuits’ 1764 expulsion from France.  Come hear Andrew speak about his fascinating work. 

April 22,  Confirmation: Mother Nora Johnson will lead a discussion of this sacrament and its history.  We’ll look at the liturgy for Confirmations in the Book of Common Prayer in preparation for the Confirmations that will take place on Saint Mark’s Day, April 25.

April 29,  The Anamchara Fellowship: Anamchara is a Gaelic word for “soul friend.” The Anamchara Fellowship is a new expression of the monastic tradition that teaches the Faith of Christ by whatever means are at its disposal, and promotes the ministries of teaching, spiritual direction, and pastoral care. Sister Barbara Trinitas, whom you may know as our parishioner Sister Barbara Nyce, is a professed member who will give us an introduction to the fellowship’s work.

May 6, 13, and 20, Luther and the Sacraments: Join parishioner Professor Phil Cary, author of a forthcoming book on Luther and Protestant theology, for a discussion of this theologian who is crucial to our own tradition. Luther’s commitment to the efficacy of sacraments puts him in a position between Catholicism and what most of us would call Protestantism.  And the difference is not just theoretical, but shapes people’s lives differently.  It’s the difference, for example, between saying “I’m a Christian because I accepted Christ into my life” and “I’m a Christian because I was baptized.”  Luther says the latter, and takes great comfort in it.  A three-part series.

May 27, The Zoe Project: Saint Mark’s is one of twelve churches selected to receive a $20,000 grant to launch a young adult initiative as part of the Zoe Project, based at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Members of the team who are working on this initiative have exciting updates for us.  Come hear what they have been working on and where they are headed.    

June 3, Corpus Christi: What exactly does this feast day celebrate?  Who observes it and who does not?  Join Mother Nora Johnson for a discussion of the theology and history of a beautiful observance in our tradition.