Hospitality at Saint Mark's

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Saint Mark's Church has a long tradition of hospitality, a fellowship of sharing within our community and with our friends and neighbors. Our Hospitality Ministry takes many forms and can find a good use for any skill. If you would like to volunteer or for more information, contact Joshua Cojerean.

Sunday Coffee Hours

After every 11 a.m. Sunday service coffee, tea and snacks provide the backdrop for greeting parishioners and welcoming newcomers. The third Sunday of each month is set aside to honor all those with birthdays during the month.

Potluck Suppers

Throughout the year on special feast days through our Potluck Suppers we have an opportunity to share a common supper and more importantly share in fellowship with the Saint Mark's family and our guests.

Parish Picnics

Saint Mark's parish picnics mark the opening and closing of the music program, in September and May. Grilling specialists are particularly welcome.

Special Events

Special events mark gatherings associated with religious and cultural events that bring us together. Such events provide yet another opportunity to interact after concerts, at receptions for special guests, and at Christmas and Easter.