Saturday Soup Bowl

Begun in December 2003, the Saturday Soup Bowl is an outreach ministry to hungry men and women of the city, many of whom live on the streets or in shelters. Every Saturday morning from 7 to 9 a.m. we serve soup and bread to the hungry and we greet them as brothers and sisters. Those of us who have had the chance to participate in the Soup Bowl on a consistent basis have rejoiced in seeing Saturday mornings grow into a time of great fellowship and community. The Parish Hall is often full of lively conversation, laughter and even music during the meal.  

This ministry depends entirely on active participation of volunteers who make the soup (using shared recipes), collect the bread, set-up tables, serve the meal, greet our guests and clean-up. Soup can be delivered to the church on a Thursday or a Friday afternoon or on Saturday morning. We are fortunate enough to have bread that is donated generously by the Metropolitan Bakery.

On a typical Saturday, volunteers begin arriving at 6 a.m. to set up tables, make coffee and heat up the soup, which is served in the Parish Hall from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Volunteers may always come along at any time on Saturday mornings between 6 and 9 a.m. We always have a place for volunteers as we need help making soup, to serve it, to set it up, or to just be around to greet guests!

To arrange soup drop off or to volunteer, contact the parish office at 215.735.1416.

Soup Schedule

September 2018

1 - Chicken Kale

8 - Hearty Beef and Veggie

15 - Sausage Tortellini

22 - Dad's Chicken Soup

29 - Beef and Bean Chili

October 2018

6 - Chicken Kale

13 - Hearty Beef and Veggie

19 - Sausage Tortellini

27 - Dad's Chicken Soup

November 2018

3 - Chicken Kale

9 - Hearty Beef and Veggie

16 - Sausage Tortellini

23 - Dad's Chicken Soup

December 2018

1 - Beef and Bean Chili

8 - Chicken Kale

15 - Hearty Beef and Veggie

22 - Christmas Breakfast

29 - Sausage Tortellini

January 2019

5 - Dad's Chicken Soup

12 - Beef and Bean Chili

19 - Chicken Kale

26 -Hearty Beef and Veggie

For ease of use, we have provided a Saint Mark's Saturday Soup Bowl cookbook.


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