This Sunday at Saint Mark's... April 20: Easter Day

8 am - Low Mass

Sermon -  Fr. Phelps

9 am - Family Mass

Sermon - Mother Takacs

Music: by the Boys & Girls Choir

10 am - Christian Formation

For Kids - Schola (in the Library) - No Schola today

For Adults - No Forum today

11 am - Solemn High Mass

Sermon by Fr. Mullen


Coronation Mass in C - W.A. Mozart

Regina Coeli - W.A. Mozart

Haec dies - William Byrd

When Mary thro' the garden went - Sir C.V. Stanford

Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall following the High Mass.


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The Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist - April 28

7 pm - Solemn High Mass with Confirmation & Reception into the Church

We'll welcome our provisional Bishop, Clifton Daniel, to his first visitation of Saint Mark's.  Bishop Daniel will preach, and will confirm and receive people into the Episcopal Church.  

A Pot-Luck Supper will follow in the Parish Hall.


Mass for Two Organs and Two Choirs - Charles-Marie Widor
The Church Floore - Daniel
How Lovely are the Messengers - Felix Mendlessohn
Te Deum in B Flat - Stanford

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Holy Week & Easter at Saint Mark's

Palm Sunday - 13 April

8 am - Low Mass.  Preacher: Mother Johnson

9 am - Family Mass with Palm Procession.  Preacher: Mother Takacs

11 am - Choral High Mass with Procession & Singing of the Passion

Guest Preacher: Bishop Frank Griswold


Hosanna in the Highest - Orlando Gibbons
The Passion According to St. Matthew - T.L. da Victoria
Missa in Die Tribulationis - McNeil Robinson
Sing my Tongue - Calvin Hampton
The Reproaches - Robinson

Holy Wednesday - 16 April

7:30 am - Low Mass

12:10 pm - Low Mass

7 pm - The Office of Tenebrae

This service is almost entirely sung by the Choir, much of it in plainchant.  The lights in the church are gradually dimmed until eventually the church is in complete darkness.  A loud noise is made, symbolizing the earthquake that is said to have occurred at the time of Jesus' Crucifixion.  A single candle - which had been hidden, not extinguished - is returned to the church at the conclusion of the service, reminding us that the light of Christ is never put out.

Maundy Thursday - 17 April

7:30 am - Low Mass

12:10 pm - Low Mass

7 pm - Choral High Mass & proper liturgies of the day

We commemorate the institution of the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper on this night.  The Mass begins in a festal way - white vestments, the singing of the Gloria in excelsis, etc.  The liturgies include the Washing of Feet, when we remember that on the night before he died Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and commanded them to love one another as he loved them.   After Communion the Blessed Sacrament is carried in a most solemn procession to the Altar of Repose in the Lady Chapel, which has been decorated richly with flowers and is bathed in candlelight, reminding us of our Lord's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The High Altar and other altars in the church are stripped of their vesture and ornament; the Celebrant washes the High Altar with water and wine as the Choir sings the Psalm of Dereliction: Psalm 22.  When the Cross from the High Altar is carried out, the Choir abruptly stops singing and quickly departs in a disorderly way, reminding us that the disciples forsook Jesus and fled as his Passion and Death approached.

Preacher: Fr. Mullen


Bright Mass with Canons - Nico Muhly (Kyrie and Gloria)
Missa Pange Lingua - Josquin DePrez (Sanctus, Benedictus & Agnus Dei)
Ubi Caritas - Maurice Durufle
Vinea Mea Electa - Francis Poulenc
O Sacrum Convivium - Vytautas Miskinis

Good Friday - 18 April

12 noon - The Solemn Liturgies of Good Friday:

Singing of the Passion, Solemn Collects, Veneration of the Cross & Mass of the Pre-Sanctified

On this day we commemorate the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus on the Cross - giving thanks for the mystery of God's love.  We believe that God sent his Son into the world to teach us and to die, and that his death mysteriously and powerfully opened the way to a new life for all God's people - in this world and in the world to come - by teaching us how to live guided by love in this world, and by forging the path to renewed life beyond the grave.  Our liturgies provide an opportunity to repent for our wrong-doings, and to acknowledge our sinfulness, as we reflect on the price of God's love - that is, the death of his Son.  We enter a period of deliberate sorrow, knowing that our sadness will be lifted on Easter Day.

Preacher: Fr. Mullen


The Passion according to St. John -  T.L. da Victoria
Christus Factus Est - Anton Bruckner
Crux Fidelis - M. Glandorf
Crucifixus - Antonio Lotti

Holy Saturday - 19 April

8 pm - The Great Vigil & First Mass of Easter

We gather in the church where a new fire is kindled and the Paschal Candle is lighted from it, representing the light of Christ in the darkened world.  For a long time we sit in the darkness of the church, while Scripture is read that tells us the story of God's salvation of his people.  We gather at the Font for baptisms and the renewal of the baptismal vows of everyone gathered before returning to the High Altar late in the evening to make the Easter proclamation that Christ is risen - anticipating the news that comes with Easter morning!

A festive reception is held in the Parish Hall following the Mass

Preacher: Mother Takacs


Responsories: Chant, Fauxbourdons, Palestrina, Testa
Festal Communion Service in B Flat - Stanford
Whom seek ye? - M. Glandorf
When Mary through the Garden went - Stanford

Easter Day - 20 April

8 am - Low Mass in the Lady Chapel.  Preacher: Fr. Phelps

9 am - Family Mass.  Preacher: Mother Takacs

11 am - Solemn High Mass of the Resurrection

Preacher: Fr. Mullen


Coronation Mass in C - Wolfgang A. Mozart
Regina Coeli - W. A. Mozart
Haec dies - William Byrd

When thro' the garden mary went - Sir C. V. Stanford

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New Events for 20s/30s

20s/30s Simple Supper on Saturday, April 12
The 20s/30s group has started a new tradition here at Saint Mark's. Each month, we'll gather in someone's home for a simple home Eucharist, a delicious meal, and lively conversation. This month, we'll meet for tomato soup and gourmet grilled cheese at Kara and Jeff Cochran's home on April 12 at 6:00 pm. These dinners have involved a lot of our Saint Mark's 20s/30s - they are a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better and to invite some new friends to get to know us. Interested in joining us? Please contact Mother Takacs for directions and to RSVP.

20s/30s Film Night
Join the Saint Mark's 20s/30s for our first film night, Saturday, April 26, beginning at 4:30 pm at Solade and Alicia Thorpe's house in South Philly. We'll be watching "The Gospel According to Saint Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. See the film, share some food and drink, and discuss your experience of the film.

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Saving A Treasure - Restoration & Preservation in 2014


Following years of preparation and planning, Saint Mark's is embarking on a project of restoration and historic preservation of the church exterior in 2014.  Funded in part by a grant from the National Park Service and National Trust for Historic Preservation, this project will address pressing needs for the restoration and preservation of the masonry, roofs, and glass of the church exterior.

More details will be posted on the website soon.  Meanwhile for more information, contact Cheryl Barber, Director of Development & Communications, in the Parish Office.

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Fridays in Lent - A series on Britten's War Requiem

The Pity of War: Suffering and Solace in Britten’s War Requiem

Join Mother Takacs for a five week series on the music, history, and theology of the War Requiem of Benjamin Britten. This masterpiece of 20th century choral literature was composed for the consecration of the new Coventry Cathedral in 1962 after the original cathedral was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940. The work weaves the traditional Requiem texts with poetry by the prominent British war poet, Wilfred Owen, who was killed in action just days before the end of World War I. These texts, combined with Britten's profoundly moving music, makes the War Requiem a powerful commentary on life, death, war, and redemption.

The series will take place following Evening Prayer & Stations of the Cross on Fridays in Lent, 6:30 - 7:30 in the Library on the Second Floor of the Parish House.  March 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11 

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