Neighbor Care

A Structure of Kindness

Saint Mark’s people show our care and concern on many fronts, not least of which the parish’s own structure of kindness demonstrated through the loosely-organized, precinct-based Neighbor Care movement. This simple program of quiet selflessness is the way we come to know our neighbor. It’s the way we stop and ask, “Is everything OK? Are you alright?” It’s the way we take time to listen.

It’s the way we take your dog for a walk and feed him if you’re late home from work. It’s the way we water your plants or check on the house if the alarm goes off if you’re away. It’s the way we collect the package from the stoop, shovel the sidewalk and bring a meal around when you’re not well. It’s the way we help you get to church if you need a lift.

It’s the way we are as a church family.

Neighbor Care is represented throughout the parish, so that wherever you live there will be a Neighbor Care cluster nearby. Each of the clusters and the contact details of their leaders is listed below. The clusters usually meet over a potluck dinner at someone’s home every one-three months and reminders of the meetings are widely circulated in the Sunday pew bulletin and electronically in the weekly circular. If you would like to know more, please contact either the cluster leader in your neighborhood by using the interactive map on this page or Fr. Stephen ( - Fr. Stephen.

The Neighbor Care Prayer

Gracious Father, your loving providence has brought us into the sacred fellowship of this parish. Inspire us to praise you with such holy worship; help our neighbor with unselfish care and kindness; and to give so generously for the spread of your kingdom that we may be worthy members of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, ardently fulfilling our mission: to gather in faith, serve in love and to proclaim hope, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Neighbor Care Leadership

  • Father Stephen Moore - Clergy and Program Leader

  • Lindsey Bingaman- Rittenhouse West Cluster Leader

  • Gabi Machado - Neighbor Care Ministry Resident

For more information about Neighbor Care, please contact Fr. Stephen Moore.

To locate more information about a cluster, please click on the neighborhood your zip code falls under.

Rittenhouse Cluster (East & West)

Fairmount Cluster

South Philly Cluster

West Philly Cluster

Northwest Philly Cluster

Main Line Cluster

New Jersey Cluster