Thursday Evening Bible Study

Led by parishioner Jay Blossom, Saint Mark’s Bible study meets most Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the lower level of the parish house. To find it, enter the parish house through the office door, which is unlocked during the Bible study hour. Descend the stairs and proceed down the hall, listening for the sound of avid discussion!

A normal Bible study hour at Saint Mark’s involves reading a chapter or two straight from the Bible, stopping frequently for a guided discussion of its meaning. Skeptics and believers alike are welcome, there’s no homework, and no previous experience is required!

The primary goal of the study is increasing our familiarity the Bible as a whole, so our readings often alternate between obscure books and “greatest hits.” We never shy away from the hard parts, and we try to employ some recent critical scholarship even as we read the text in a fairly straightforward way.

The Minor Prophets: Twelve prophets in 12 weeks

The twelve minor prophets are something of a mystery to most of us -- short, obscure, sometimes angry, with references to events and people that we don't always understand. Between now and the end of the year the parish Bible study will move rapidly through these books with an emphasis on getting the gist of what each one is saying. We will learn that there are surprising parallels to our own times. Perhaps the prophets are speaking to us, too.

September 13: Hosea

September 20: Joel

September 27: Amos

October 4: Obadiah

October 11: Jonah

October 18: Micah

October 25: Nahum

November 1: All Saints Day. No Bible study

November 8: Habakkuk

November 15: Zephaniah

November 22: Thanksgiving Day. No Bible study

November 29: Haggai

December 6: Zechariah

December 13: Malachi

For more information, contact Jay Blossom at 215.922.6892 or