New Flight Info

As you might expect, the scene at the airport this morning was a chaotic one.  We decided to get there extra early, though, in hopes of at least arranging some way home.  As fortune had it, one of Brad's oldest friends was working the counter at the desk!  He sadly told us that all flights to the Newark/Philly area are canceled for today and tomorrow.  So, here are the new plans:

Monday: everyone leaves San Pedro Sula for Houston (depart 11:45 AM, arrive 3:28 PM)

Then our group has to split up.

P.J./George/Kenny/Michelle: leave Houston at 7:05 PM Monday and arrive Pittsburgh 10:47 PM Monday

Susan/Mary Cate/Mary Beth/Bob/Reid/Marco/Stacie: leave Houston 7:15 AM TUESDAY and arrive Pittsburgh 11:03 AM TUESDAY

From Pittsburgh, we will have to arrange cars to get us to Newark (for P.J., George, and Kenny's cars) or Philadelphia.  

There is a slight possibility that these plans will change, if Continental decides to add a flight Monday or Tuesday monring direct to Newark.  As of now, that has not happened.  If that happens, we will let you know as soon as we can.  

Obviously, this is not ideal, but it is all out of our control.  We will be staying at the hotel Copantl in San Pedro Sula - the same hotel we used for our mission in 2008.  It is a very nice place - we are safe and very comfortable.  

For now, we hope everyone back home is safe and dry!  

Posted on August 27, 2011 .