Fairmount Cluster


  • Martha Johnson

  • Please contact the parish office at 215.735.1416 to reach Martha.

Neighborhood Description

The Fairmount cluster, along with the Rittenhouse cluster, is one of the more parishioner-heavy areas of the city.

Cluster Activity

The Fairmount cluster is very active and has chosen to bring Neighbor Care to life through a group model, meeting roughly every other month in a church member’s home. Other events are scheduled in addition to the home meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Leader Note

We have a large group of boy and girl choir choristers. This has helped us get organized, as so many of the families already carpool to rehearsals, etc. Our group also includes a number of retired parishioners, some of whom live at the Philadelphian on Fairmount Ave., so that we plan to have occasional meetings at that building. Our first goals have been to get to know each other better and foster our sense of community, as well as to provide ways for both 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. worshipers to get to know each other. We know this will enable better communication and an awareness of any needs that arise. We stay in touch through an email group, and meet about every other month at someone’s house or apartment. We plan a number of other social gatherings. Not everyone can make every gathering, but we’ve been fortunate with an enthusiastic participation by all ages. We extend a warm welcome to new members of the parish, and will be glad to send a schedule of upcoming meetings.