Father and PJ:
"Hey Prest."
"What Mullen."
What follows are some playful jibes that sting only if you don't know how much they love each other. Father Mullen picked the right man to lead us on this mission.

Dr. PJ Prest has  slender fingers that match his long, handsome frame. His face is gentle, his spirit is kind and his disposition, even and poised.

In western medicine, there are two camps. The "cutters" and the "medicine men." Cutters are notoriously narrow in their vision; they see a problem and they cut it away. Medicine men are more holistic in their approach; they see a problem and they solve the problem within the context of the sum total of the patient. Cutters and medicine men are as polarized as the Jets and the Sharks.

Dr. Prest is a rarity. He sees a problem and has the skill to cut it away; but PJ has the spirit of a medicine man. With a heart of gold and a keen sense of social responsibility, PJ has held us together, maintained our direction and made certain that every move we make as a team bears the mark of Christ.

Hats of to PJ for his outstanding abilities. We're blessed to know you, buddy.

Posted on August 25, 2011 .