Father Madrid ties his cassock with rope in an elaborate and pleasing way, with two fine loops and an elaborate, central knot, and that knot tells a story of a skill he possesses. Having arrived in Honduras with 400 pounds of medical equipment and the personal luggage of 15 missionaries, we were instructed to pile our bags in the back of a small white pick-up truck. Higher and higher the luggage climbed, all the while Padre lassoed rope over and through and around till finally a precarious tower of our belongings resulted.   Swaying this way and that through the potholed roads that led us from San Pedro Sula to our home base in Santa Barbara, each knot proved its purpose. Each knot bore the perfect amount of stress. Each knot contributed to the stability of the whole cargo. That -- and a prayer -- got out stuff safely to it's destination.

Posted on August 23, 2011 .