20s/30s Group at Saint Mark's

College and graduate students and young professionals are an integral part of the parish community at Saint Mark's. Folks in their 20s and 30s gather often for community, mutual support, learning, and service both at the parish and for joint events with our neighboring parishes through Center City Young Episcopalians.

Simple Suppers

The 20s/30s group at Saint Mark’s meets monthly for our popular Simple Supper series. These get-togethers take place in the homes of our members or at the parish and are a really wonderful way to get to know one another better. The menu is as simple or as complicated as the host would like – the conversation is always engaging, the atmosphere relaxed, and there is plenty of laughter. We also always take the time to have Mass together with hearty, home-baked bread and a glass of simple red wine. If you’re new to Saint Mark’s and interested in getting to know this 20s/30s group better, or if you’ve been a member for a while now and want to grow your relationships here, these Simple Suppers are for you (and friends, roommates, neighbors, and work colleagues are always welcome!). 

For Fall 2018, our Simple Suppers will be held at the Church of the Crucifixion on 8th & Bainbridge St, in order to provide a prayerful presence there, break bread together, and confront the reality of the much needed work that must be done there. Our presence at the Church of the Crucifixion is intentionally linked to our newest ministry supported by the Zoe Project grant initiative at Princeton Theological Seminary, funded by the Lily Foundation. This new ministry aims to confront three challenges that we face in our city: young adults are lonely and seeking community, food insecurity is rampant, and the Church of the Crucifixion continues to remain unused. Our new ministry will use the craft of bread-making to create meaningful community by gathering young adults aged 21 - 35, serving those who are hungry with the bread we make, and proclaiming new life at the Church of the Crucifixion.

 Fr. Mullen celebrates a simple Eucharist with his homemade bread

Fr. Mullen celebrates a simple Eucharist with his homemade bread