20s/30s Group at Saint Mark's

College and graduate students and young professionals are an integral part of the parish community at Saint Mark's. Folks in their 20s and 30s gather often for community, mutual support, learning, and service both at the parish and for joint events with our neighboring parishes through Center City Young Episcopalians.

Simple Suppers

The 20s/30s group at Saint Mark’s meets monthly for our popular Simple Supper series. These get-togethers take place in the homes of our members or at the parish and are a really wonderful way to get to know one another better. The menu is as simple or as complicated as the host would like – the conversation is always engaging, the atmosphere relaxed, and there is plenty of laughter. We also always take the time to have Mass together with hearty, home-baked bread and a glass of simple red wine. If you’re new to Saint Mark’s and interested in getting to know this 20s/30s group better, or if you’ve been a member for a while now and want to grow your relationships here, these Simple Suppers are for you (and friends, roommates, neighbors, and work colleagues are always welcome!). 


At Home

For 2016-17, our home-based suppers will be on September 14, November 22, January 3, March 7, and May 2. Mark your calendars now! Interested in hosting or just want to RSVP? Contact Mother Erika Takacs.


At the Parish

Join us every other month at the church for a simple Mass, dinner, and intentional discussions about our faith and our lives. One month we’ll talk about what it’s like to be a young person of faith in a largely secular world. Another month we’ll discuss a book, or a movie, and what it reveals about the nature of human beings and of God. We’ll talk about trending national or local topics and how we can respond faithfully as Christians. We’ll talk about love and sex, money and food, and what it means to be an Episcopalian who worships at a place like Saint Mark's in the year 2016.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016: How am I supposed to vote? In a few weeks, all of us will be invited into the voting booth to choose a new President and important local officials. How are we supposed to prepare for this decision as Christians? What should we be thinking about in that booth – and how do we bring Jesus in there with us? Should we be voting at all? Join us for an open-minded conversation about the way our discipleship shapes our political lives.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016: More than a Wonderful Life. “Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer. Fun for all, that children call their favorite time of year.” Wouldn’t it be nice if Christmastime really were just as full of happiness and cheer as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? The truth is that the “holiday season” can often be quite fraught – we can feel happiness and cheer, but we can also feel overly busy, pressured, lonely, and sad. What does our faith have to say about the “holiday season”? Is there room for Charlie Brown and Once in Royal David’s City? And how do we hold on to the hope of the incarnation if the baubles and carols and poinsettias make us feel less than celebratory? Join us for a conversation about the beautiful reality of Christmas, which provides hope in joy and in sorrow.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017: Love in the Time of Discipleship. So you’re a Christian – what does that mean about love? Will God help you find a boyfriend? Are you supposed to be having sex? What do we find in Holy Scripture about our lives as full embodied beings, and what does that mean for us in our relationships? Join us for a down-to-earth conversation about what it means to be a Christian disciple and a sexual being who longs for meaningful companionship.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017: Jesus and the Water Cooler. When your co-workers ask you on Monday how your weekend was, do you tell them about the sermon you heard yesterday? Or do you tend to stick to details about your non-Sunday morning activities? Talking about your faith with your peers can be a really challenging thing. Let’s talk here about how you might begin to have those conversations, and what blessings might be found there.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017: Imaginary Jesus. We’ll talk about the ways we relate to Jesus: are we following the real deal, or are we being led on by a comfortable, convenient imitation created in our own image? Join us for this important conversation and an introduction to our summer reading selection, “My Imaginary Jesus” by Matt Mikalatos.