Pastoral Care

In a community we take seriously the needs of one another and we know that sometimes members of our community are in need because of sickness, hospitalization, frailty or for all kinds of other reasons.

The clergy of the Parish are available to you in times of need. It is extremely helpful if you can contact the clergy directly by phone or email to let us know that you are in need. Do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office in time of crisis to let us know you are in need. | 215.735.1416

Remember too that your brothers and sisters in Christ can be supportive of you. Reach out to one another in to look for prayers, emotional, and spiritual help.  

If you would like us to pray for you or someone you care about, and especially if you would like the name of that person included in the weekly list of those for whom we are praying, please email one of the clergy directly, or contact the Parish Office with the name of the person for whom you would like us to pray.