Rittenhouse Cluster


Neighborhood Description

  • This cluster encompasses the largest group of parishioners, covering zip codes that include Saint Mark’s Church itself. This neighborhood zone includes the Rittenhouse neighborhood as well as Broad Street and Graduate Hospital. As of September 2018 we have grouped Rittenhouse into two - West covers 19103/19146 and East covers 19103/19146 and 19102.

Cluster Activity

  • The Rittenhouse cluster has chosen a group model and meets the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 – 8 p.m. in a parishioner home. The homes rotate by month. In addition to monthly meetings, this group is exploring how they can meet each other’s needs through providing dinners, supporting members in primary care roles and more.

  • The Rittenhouse Cluster meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month.

Leader Note

  • It has been a joy to see Neighbor Care come to life in our neighborhood. As one of the most densely populated clusters we have had ample opportunity to put Neighbor Care into practice. We have seen long-time church members meeting for the first time, dinners provided for those in need and members supporting fellow neighbors who are in primary care-giving roles. We look forward to continually seeing how God works through this initiative.