Old City Cluster


Neighborhood Description

  • The Old City cluster is a very comprehensive cluster encompassing the Northern Liberties neighborhood, Port Richmond and parts of North Philadelphia in addition to Old City. This cluster includes a mix of newcomers and veterans from all three of the Sunday morning liturgies, many of which are actively participating in a variety of church ministries.

Cluster Activity

  • This Old City cluster was one of the later clusters to launch, having had their launch meeting in early 2018. Stay tuned for more updates on this cluster including a likely merged meeting with the South Philly cluster in early spring.

Leader Note

  • Our cluster includes a cross-generational mix of newcomers and long time members. Most of our members are very active in various parish ministries and activities—hospitality, the Altar Guild, ushers and greeters, the Acolytes' Guild, 20s/30s, as well as various committees. Our busy schedules—both in and outside of parish life—make regular meetings difficult. However, because many of us are already very active in the parish, we see each other often at Saint Mark's on Sunday morning.