Main Line Cluster


Neighborhood Description

  • The Main Line cluster encompassing neighborhoods along the main line from a wide geographic region. It is a spread out cluster with lots of zip codes but not too many neighbors.

Cluster Activity

  • Our next meeting will be on Saturday, June 8. Isabelle Benton and Aileen White have graciously offered to host another gathering at their home in Haverford. It will be a cookout between noon and mid afternoon. Details of times and what to bring to be confirmed soon.  It will be kid- and family-friendly. Please let Angela Bilger know if you can make this gathering. Please email Nancy for more information.

Leader Note

  • Our cluster includes families, young professionals, those in the middle of their careers, and those who are retired. We aim to have meetings every other month. This cluster was one of the later to launch, having had its kick off meeting in early 2018.