As the team dis-assembled last night...


I became so aware of who we are collectively and how we changed each others lives, and those for whom we had the privilege of serving along side of in Trinidad.  We are most humbled for the opportunity to instill this overwhelming level of pride in our supporters and friends and family.  How wonderful to know that our support from across the nations sustained us and helped us to be successful in our efforts. 

Whilst I lay in the comfort of my own bed this am at 1:30, it stuck me as to the magnitude of commitment and the level of professionalism that existed between us all.  We are all unique in our own rite, however;  There were no individual's in our daily challenges, we are and always will be

"Team Honduras".  The Deacon, the Organizers, the Doctors the Retired folk, the Teachers, the Nurses, the PA's the Students, the Former Marine, the Interpreters, the Church Madras's, the neighbors, the Rector-Padre and so many more...

Pardre and peeps...








That is a great feeling and I am so happy to be part of such an enormous endeavors and from the deepest reaches of my soul I personally wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to:

1285865-1647680-thumbnail.jpgPaul- for your presence among us all and your many  endearing qualities that either intellectually stimulated me or made me laugh and yes this morning cry, as I sit listening to your last sermon as Curate of St. Mark's.  I was taken by surprise by you and look forward to a long friendship between us, your cool!  I'm sure your Parents and family are proud and supportive, because I can see in you, thier choice parenting abilities, they are lucky!  Your Friend In Christ, Nick

Just chill'in
PJ- for your drive , energy (most days), your respect for each of us, your time and talents professionally and your friendship.  It is important for us to remember our place in the world and I, am but his servant as are you, thus we nourish each other in comradeship and deed.   Your family Should elivate your accomplishments and encourage whatever your next challenge. Thank You! Your Friend In Christ, Nick


Sara- Muchos Grasis! You Rock and I am blessed to have you in my inner circle now.  Your skills and knowledge of the Spanish language will help you in all your future endeavours be kind to yourself and be well always.  May the stars you wish upon and reach for always be at your finger-tips. Your Friend In Christ, Nick





At the days end...
Doris- What can I say?  You are a fascinating study in the human spirit.  Your reliance and determination has definitely served you well over the years.  One can only aspire to be so kind and understanding, my lesson and gift from you, enthusiasm for life and all things old and new.  Bless you and be well, may your next adventure be just as great!  Your Friend In Christ, Nick.



You make me smile
Kelli-  What privilege and honor for me to know you.   So we now have two Missions under our belt together and I so look forward to another, but only wish we do not loose touch until then, let's remain close and promise to nurture our friendship, that it will always remain in our hearts and minds.  I know that your folks are elated over your success, so keep going where life takes you, it is a gift. Your friend In Christ, Nick.


Dr's & Hydration
Matt- As roommates go, your TOPS! Your broad base of stimulating conversations, views on life, knowledge of medicine are all to be admired and reflected upon.  And as I get my head out of the clouds and back to reality of our own lives I trust that you and I formed a bond that will only be fostered by more social situations with you and your(s).  "Carpe Diem" Many thanks to you for making me laugh so much at then end of some "Krazy" days...



Humble Beginings
Mary Cate- Girl ,you're on track for great things and well, I've never encountered anyone with your approach to life, for any given situation, and I just love how you manage to see life through the "Rose colored spectacles"   Certainly not an "Princess" , but a Force not to be reconed with, thanks for keeping us all grounded and aware.  Your Friend In Christ, Nick


Our Pot of Gold!
Christina- Well not sure where to start with you, you make friends everywhere and are such a delight to be around.  I feel so happy in your presence and find you to be so witty and beautiful, both inside and out, may all your dreams be realized an may you and Beau, have as many years and more, as Reed and I together. 10 on the hair flip!  Let's make a point to stay in touch?  Your Friend In Christ, Nick







Death has no Dominion
Aron- Could not have managed to get on as well as I did without your knowledge of the language and your ability to mix a mean antibiotic.  Not to mention your specialty in "pest control"  You can add some Medical Latin to your credentials now!   And I my Spanish writing skills which could only be acquired through a mission such as ours. So glad we served together and hope to maintain and foster more time as friends through St. Marks as well as on our own.  Best of luck upon your return for the rest of Summer activities, Your Friend In Christ, Nick


Amy and the gang
Amy-  Like finding a goodluck charm.  Cracker Jacks a prize at every turn...   Fun, adventure, skills, compassion, care, knowledge, and so on, and so on...  You make me proud to know you, so let's stay connected ok?  Lord knows we need lots of friends, until we meet again, Your friend In Christ, Nick




Elizabeth- I hold such a fond affection for you diplomacy and your nurturing ways, you exemplify all the qualities of Mom to many of us and your caring ways with the live you touch are eched in my memory for safe keeping, as are the goodies.  Be well and happy in all your do next, may it too hold many new experiences and keep you safe.  Always in Gods image do we serve and sustain.  Your Friend In Christ, Nick





Michelle with Volunteers and Team Honduras
Michelle- Just a delight!  And Funny beyond belief.  What a joy to get to know you and work along side you as our Medical patriarch.  Thanks for the guidance and the morning laughs and all the conversation, whether regarding medicine, religion, poverty, geography etc.  I owe you!  Your Friend In Christ, Nick




May all your hopes and dream for world poverty and peace be consider or realized.  My heart is filled with joy this day and I aspire to be like all of you who reflect GOD and Love. 

With much affection,


Posted on June 15, 2008 .