R & R

Ok, the group split into three today so as for everyone to get their hearts desire for relaxation. So the following are some of the adventures collectively. This group, PJ, Sara, Aron, Kelli, Christie & Nick all went to Pulhapanzak- a fantastic adventure. 1285865-1645416-thumbnail.jpg
The falls
I know it's "Krazy" but there we were and suddenly the falls called to us and before we knew it, we just took the plunge! Our pictures will do no justice, but the experience is etched in our minds. "A picture no artist can paint.” Liz and Doris made their way to Copan and explored the ancient Mayan ruins, while Mary Cate, Michelle, Matt, and Paul stayed local, spending time at the market and the hotel pool. I think we all got to see a side of Honduras we haven’t yet seen – it was a wonderful way to spend our last day here.

Posted on June 14, 2008 .