Who are we?

We are quite a group. We range from 26 years of age to 82, and from 6’6’’ to 5’1’’. We are Episcopalian, Catholic, and “other,” and our political beliefs span the spectrum. 1285865-1643650-thumbnail.jpg
Sunrise over San Pedro Sula
Some of us claim St. Mark’s as our home parish, while others do not. But one thing I know for sure, and that is that whoever we were when we arrived in Honduras, we are different now. How could we not be? 1285865-1643657-thumbnail.jpg
Michelle treating a patient
We’ve traveled thousands of miles to get here; we ran a medical clinic and treated over 350 patients in four days of work (well, three-and-a-half, really). We’ve been greeted with the most open of arms by a small community that uses a beautiful yet run-down church as it’s epicenter, and we’ve seen levels of poverty that just don’t exist in the U.S. 1285865-1643663-thumbnail.jpg
The church in Trinidad
And so we did the only thing imaginable – we came together as a team and did our best to leave this place a little better than how we found it. What a privileged group we are.

Posted on June 13, 2008 .