Honduras Medical Mission 2017

Saint Mark's Church has sponsored three medical mission trips with parishioners and friends, in 2008, 2011, and 2014. In summer 2017, Saint Mark's Church will lead our fourth such trip to Honduras.  Doctors and nurses from within our community — from Pennsylvania, Jefferson, Aria, Cooper, and Shriners Hospitals — are coordinating with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras and the South American Missionary Society to bring expert equipment and care to an under-served community in or near the region of San Pedro Sula. Whether it be along the red-clay mountains of Concepcion or in the village of Colonial Episcopal, we estimate that we will treat 500-800 patients over the course of five clinical days. We'll be carrying our own supplies (800 lbs) and a fully stocked pharmacy. 

Pharmaceutical prices have skyrocketed and we need your help! Missionary supply organizations, like PraxisMed International and Kingsway Charities, do their best to provide medications and equipment at the lowest cost, but the market is driving prices up. We are determined that this will not deter us! Because we are a grassroots mission and have no administrative costs, your donations go directly to the cost of supplies and travel. You can contribute by clicking on the "donate" link below.