Adult Forum

On Sundays at 10 a.m., our parish gathers for discussion and teaching on topics that matter to us as Christians. Usually our talks are energetic and fulfilling, with lots of great ideas in the air. Come by for a good cup of coffee, stay for a great class and a rousing discussion!  All classes meet in the Parish Hall, ending in time for the 11 a.m. Mass. Contact Mother Nora Johnson if you have questions or would like to hear more.

September 9: Homecoming Sunday: Introduction to the Community of Saint Mark’s. How do people get involved at Saint Mark’s? How do we get to know each other? Come hear about the ministries, people, groups, and events that help make up the life of this bustling parish. This is a great session for people who are new here, but also a good way for longtime members to ask those questions they have always wanted to ask.

September 16: School Sunday: Religious Formation at St. James School. Join Father Andrew Kellner, Chaplain and Religious Studies Teacher at St. James, for a discussion about the spiritual and religious lives of the school’s students and larger community. St. James School is a faith-based Philadelphia middle school in the Episcopal tradition, committed to educating traditionally under-resourced students in a nurturing environment. It was founded by Father Mullen and parishioner Dr. Audrey Evans, and our parish remains joyfully dedicated to its flourishing.

September 23: Introduction to Sunday Worship at Saint Mark’s. We’ll talk in this session about why there are different kinds of Masses offered here, how they differ from one another, and what we mean when we say that we worship in the “Anglo-Catholic” tradition of the Episcopal Church. Again, a great session for those who are new to the community, and a good time for “regulars” to ask the questions they have long harbored.

September 30: Introduction to Weekday Worship at Saint Mark’s. What goes on here during the week? Why do people attend Mass and Morning and Evening Prayer (also known as the “Daily Office”) on weekdays? Why and how does Mass at 7:30 a.m. differ from Mass at 12:10 p.m.? How (and why?) might you go to confession on Saturday morning?

October 7: Reading Scripture Now. Parishioner Roy Clouser, Professor Emeritus of the Philosophy of Religion, will present scholarly discoveries that help us read scripture as modern Christians. You don’t need any special background in the faith or in scripture to benefit from these presentations. Learn how scholarly work on the Bible can make a difference in our lives of faith. Three-part series, October 7, 14, and 21.

October 28: Stewardship. Join members of the Stewardship Team at Saint Mark’s as they talk about how and why we support this parish. This is guaranteed to be an engaging and informative session. Come learn more about how we understand our call to sustain the life of the church, and to help it grow and flourish.

Upcoming in November: Notes from the Saturday Soup Bowl, Part II of “What We Do on Sunday and Why” covering Rite II and the 11 a.m. Solemn High Mass, and more!